What is DrupalCAP ?

Drupal campus ambassador programme (DrupalCAP) is an Educational Non Profit run by some passionate Drupal Enthusiasts. The DrupalCAP program aims to introduce Open Source / Drupal to universities and engineering colleges across the globe by creating a network of Drupal Campus ambassadors (DCA) in universities. DCA will be responsible for evangelizing Drupal in that university to build a strong Drupal Student Community.

Why DrupalCAP?

Drupal is free, open source software, produced by over a million users and powers top 2% of all web applications, not only this, Drupal is also the best case study of Open source in practice. There is a gap in terms of Drupal resources and skilled contributors as Drupal Project is moving. Our goal is to have student adopt this technology to bridge the gap of Drupal Skills availability , help further this community by using young minds adopt and contribute to the project.

Campus Ambassador Benefits

Opportunity to lead an Open Source initiative at Global level

Opportunity to get Mentoring by the most diverse and vibrant community

Opportunity to travel to Drupal Events across the Globe

Internship and amazing Career opportunity

Become a campus Ambassador

Community in Action